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Corporate Consulting and Managerial Coaching 

First Steps’ consultants are experts who are trained to solve complex problems, devise invaluable strategies and improve the financial and operational health of your organization. We help our clients solve specific problems as well as develop long-term strategies for improving chronic complaints and permanent problems.

Page Morris, having been the clinical leader for three of the largest behavioral health managed care organizations (MCOs) in the country, will approach your project with unique industry insight, problem solving abilities and logical objectivity.

Page Morris will leverage industry expertise and technical knowledge to help you improve business processes, executive strategies and organizational designs. Engaging all levels of client staff to understand capabilities, problems and previously unsuccessful solutions, Page Morris will formulate analyses identifying root causes and develop recommendations for actionable planning.

Coaching executives and training management to fulfill corporate missions and expand capabilities are crucial to delivering a superior product in a financially viable manner... all with excellent customer service.

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